EquiSync Review – The World’s Most Powerful Life-advancing Tool?

Sometimes, you would read or hear something bad about these so-called “scientific marvels,” but you’d bite the bullet anyway. Truth be told, there are so many things that would drive you to try almost any self-help product out in the market – frustration, dejection, impatience, desperation. Experiencing any of these things would definitely lead you to resort to things even you yourself think is unconventional, or worse, flat out crazy.

After going through a few of them, you learn (the hard way) that not a single one works. The only good thing that comes out of these experiences is that you learn how to be more cautious about what you do buy into. Eventually, you learn to go for a trusted brand, a reputable company, or an irrefutable product. With the EOC Institute and EquiSync, you certainly get all of these things…and more.

To understand EquiSync better and what it really promises to deliver, let us get to know the great minds that developed this ingenious program.

The Exploration of Consciousness Research Institute, or EOC Institute as it is commonly referred to, is composed of a highly competent group of people committed to help each and every individual who seeks self-improvement in a variety of levels. They provide a great selection of technologically advanced personal growth tools that allow us to reach our unrealized potential. With continuous program enhancements and product research, the EOC Institute aims to delve into more fields of study, reach an even wider audience, and offer each and every one of us the chance to effectively move forward with our lives, explore the corners of our minds like never before, and improve our way of life in general.

The EOC Institute started out with the simple objective to share the positive effects of brainwave technology to those of us who want to feel and get better as far as emotional, mental, and ultimately, physical health are concerned. They spent hours of their time and resources to hone in and improve on binaural audio technology. At present, the EOC Institute has ended up with a finely tuned and highly effective kind of tool that makes use all of the potent benefits of binaural audio technology while incorporating a few more added perks and features. What exactly are these features? You’ll soon find out when you continue reading this EquiSync review.

EquiSync actually makes use of deep carrier frequencies. These carrier frequencies are made up of a specific kind of sine wave that used to be exclusive to expensive program developers who utilize binaural audio technology…until now. What it does is that it intensifies binaural audio effects, creating a more profound and quicker kind of meditation that produce just as good, if not better, results. With EquiSync, you get to save time and money while reaping all the benefits of deep meditative states.

Another thing that makes EquiSync unique is something the industry calls multi-layering. This procedure is only being developed and employed by very few firms in the self-help industry. Here, they take various kinds of brainwave frequencies and harmoniously layer them on top of each other to produce a more effective auditory tool that successfully helps us, the listeners, achieve the most favorable state of mind to reach our utmost potential.

To learn more about the different CDs available in the EquiSync series, all the benefits you can get from highly developed binaural audio technology:

Posted by Keith Shelton

  1. How does this compare to holysync – I have those 3 CD’s

  2. I have a 18 yr. old grand daughter that I suspect to be bi polar. Can these CDs balance her out to live a normal life and handle the common everyday stresses that most people deal with on a day to day basis. I love her so very much and want to find something that will give her emotional peace with out drugs….


  3. Hi Lois,

    I understand your concern and love for your granddaughter. I’m not a medical professional so I cannot offer any advice.

    Equisync is great for balancing out normal emotional stress – especially when used consistently. I’ve found that it actually lowers my tendency to get stressed out in the first place.

    But, I recommend checking with your doctor first. Good luck 🙂

  4. I started equisync about a week ago, I listen to the 3 cd’s as I go to sleep on my ipod. I have to admit that I wasnt sure I would experience anything, boy was I wrong! a little back ground – im a ex-serviceman with PTSD, I have see and been through things that haunt me to this very day which reflects on my poor sleeping pattern. I woke up the first night that i started using this product somehow different, refreshed, observant, things feel alot clearer. Best description I can put it too other is “have you ever used polarized sunglasses” thats how things look now, sharper, clearer. It maybe my imagination but i’m hooked, I actually look forward to resting to sleep now with equisync.

  5. I have the first versions of equisync and would like to know if the current version is better and how,to see if it is worth upgrading

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