Does Hypnosis Work? A Look at the Possible Answers

If we would believe the superlative adjectives given to the positive results of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, hypnosis is akin to mastering one’s destiny. It is the unlocking of that part of the brain that has lain dormant after you were born, superseded by new sensations, impressions and prejudices, and just waiting to be tapped to allow the better you surface for a breath of fresh air. Does hypnosis work? We will try to answer that here.

The brain is the first organ of the body to be formed during conception, it is a popular belief that whatever was previously stored in there has been totally erased as it starts adapting to its new environment during this formative stage, absorbing in a sponge-like manner anything and everything that appeals to the senses. As soon as it could, it starts to store new data as it hears new sounds, like the cooing sound of the mother’s voice, the smell of bacon cooking, the smell of cigarette smoke, the pangs of hunger when the mother goes hungry, the taste of vinegar or any tangy flavor that the mother ingests — all these are sensate impressions on the brain that the child would find himself subconsciously seeking and responding to when he is, finally, born. Without consciously associating these sensations with those perceived while in the womb, and without knowing why, these are the things he craves for as he matures.

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There are scientific studies that indicate that there are much deeper impressions created during the formative stage — the pain that the mother feels when something distresses her, the thoughts that run in her mind as she tries to cope with the piercing heartaches, the feelings of loneliness, and anger and joy and laughter — these are the impressions that the tiny brain of the baby at its formative stage catches, stores and helplessly allows to influence its outlook in life as it matures. There was one case about a child who, as soon as she was able to read intelligently, sought out a particular book from the stack in the bookstore because “I have not finished reading it.” It was substantiated later by the mother that this particular book was what she used to read herself to sleep back when she had this child in her womb and, nodding off to sleep, she would put the book face down on her stomach.

There are no scientific explanations for these things. It is nature that as a person matures, old things in his head are set aside to give way for new impressions, desires and prejudices. Does hypnosis work? Read this article from the top and you would say, “Yes, hypnosis does work.” There are things that do lay dormant in the deep recesses of our brain which the hypnotist sometimes need to coax to the near-surface to explain behavior patterns, and so that the brain would willingly reset itself and discard the bad habits in place of good habits. Put simply, to learn hypnosis is a start to unlocking the good part of the brain that is sleeping.

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