Quit Smoking By Hypnosis – An Alternative Therapy

Tried quitting your nasty smoking habit but with no success? Want to quit smoking by hypnosis?

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Smoking is one of the bad habits that are so difficult to break. A lot of people have found out that available commercial anti-smoking cures in the market is not really getting successful results in making a person quit; the effect is usually just a temporary withdrawal and, soon enough, they find themselves going back to the same old habit at the mere smell of a cigarette, lit or unlit.

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By definition, hypnosis is a state of complete relaxation of the mind and the body. This state is more easily reached with the encouragement of soft, consistent and rhythmic sound, and the same sound accompanies the recited suggestions when the subject is already in the trance-like state — then, he becomes like a sponge — porous, absorbent and open to anything that’s introduced to it. Studies indicate that there are people who were able to quit smoking by the power of suggestion in this hypnotic state. Hypnosis works on the premise that when one is in a trance-like state, the power of suggestion can sink deeper and much quickly into the subconscious mind; and it is the subconscious mind that is really the controlling will power behind most of man’s behavioral patterns.

The best and painless way to break a bad habit is to reach into the subconscious mind. Belief in this theory could help enhance one’s resolve to quit smoking by hypnosis. With hypnosis, one could eventually be convinced of the bad effects of smoking to the body system and would seek to stop harming his body system by persisting on doing it. Hypnotherapy will help the subject visualize the extent of the harm that smoking does to the body. Once the subject is convinced of the wisdom of this theory, the session will culminate in the subject’s resolution to stop smoking altogether, as though it is the most natural thing to do — and he will be happy with that resolution because he believes it is a good decision.

Will change be permanent if you chose to quit smoking by hypnosis? The answer would depend on how much you want the change to happen and how focused you are in seeing to it that the change become permanent. To quit smoking by hypnosis is not an act of magic. It needs no medication to induce the state of deep relaxation. What is it, then? It is hypnotherapy — the power of mind over matter; it is when a person allows the subconscious to override the conscious part of his mind to help him change for the better.

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