Tips on How to Learn Hypnosis

Want to achieve physical and psychological wellness? Ever wished to learn hypnosis?

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Hypnosis is a very useful tool to achieve total physical and psychological wellness. It is a way to tap into your stronger subconscious and help you overcome any limitations that your mind has imprinted in your consciousness.

If you want to learn how to play any of the rough ball games, like basketball or baseball, among the first things they’d teach you is how to fall properly without breaking any bone in your body. In a similar way, the first thing you have to learn if you want to learn hypnosis is how to relax, how to breathe deeply and properly.

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Breathing is something that you have to re-learn because, according to the proponents of yoga, it is an artful method of disciplining the mind and body. If you know yoga, then you know what this means. Breathing rhythmically and freeing the mind of all encumbrances is an effective way to effectively fall into that state of deep relaxation that will free you of all sense of physical weight, and open your mind to anything. It is at this trance-like state that hypnosis is most effectively performed on you.

To learn hypnosis is to master the mind. One good thing about this bit of know-how is that you’d be enabled to help anyone, including yourself, to veer away from bad habits and adopt good ones. It is effective in getting rid of lack of self-confidence and the drive to better oneself, and it even evokes the desire to be an achiever. It also makes the subject welcome new challenges instead of shying away from these.

Learn hypnosis and help yourself and others to discipline the body with the mind and get over some phobias. There are severe chain-smoking, alcoholism and even drug addiction cases that have been cured by this simple power of suggestion. There are also claims that hypnosis or, more specifically, hypnotherapy, could heal most medical problems that could not be resolved by traditional medicine. And, since hypnosis does not use drugs to induce a state of being, it has no ill and lingering side effects.

To learn hypnosis, you have to acquaint yourself with the 3-point steps: guided visualization, cause-effect scenarios, and repetition. Once the subject is in a trance-like state, the hypnotist or hypnotherapist will gently but firmly guide him to a visualization of his problem for him to accept it as a problem that has a solution. And then, while still in this visualization stage, the hypnotist would “accompany” the subject into imagining what it would be like if the subject would make a complete turnaround. Lastly, the hypnotist would repeat this convincing cause-effect scenario until the subject agrees that the turnaround would make things better for him. You will say that this is unbelievably simple. And you are right; to learn hypnosis would be to your best interest. It would help you understand what is wrong, convince you that the change for the better would do you good, and firmly resolve that nothing else could make you feel better about yourself than to stay that way.

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