Achieving Greater Well-Being with Self-Help Hypnosis

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By definition, hypnosis is being open and responsive to suggestions within limitations while in a trance-like state of altered consciousness. Getting into this state, you have to be induced into it by intently following a regularly rhythmic movement or sound and get caught in it. Before long, you will be in a total relaxation state where you are neither asleep nor awake. You would be conscious of what’s going on, unless suggested to you that you don’t remember the session afterward.

When you are in this state, your mind will open up and you will submit to what is suggested by the voice that you hear. If you want to be hypnotized, you can be. You can even hypnotize yourself, and take full control of the changes you wish to effect without outside intervention, if you are a willing subject. You may induce yourself into that state where you can willfully release your conscious mind and enter a state of deep relaxation. This exercise will help you focus and concentrate. It will help release the power of subconscious to positively affect your conscious mind.

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Self-help hypnosis can help you replace bad habits with healthier ones. If you are a habitual chain-smoker, you can cure yourself out of it. If you want to learn new skills, hypnosis can help you there, too. There is a case history about this little boy who couldn’t play the piano and wanted to; he allowed his parents to subject him to hypnosis, and pretty soon he could already play simple tunes. Another case was this man who had never gone under the needle and had to so his defective kidney could be replaced; he allowed his wife to have a professional hypnotist conduct a session on him; afterwards, he was not afraid anymore and went ahead with the operation.

These are extreme cases, though; self hypnosis is useful to get over minor problems, too like stage fright, fear of heights, fear of dark rooms, fear of staying in a confining place, fear of the dentist, and other such cases of phobia. These are regarded as blockages to a person’s progress as a human being. There are pre-recorded cassette tapes or CDs that can help people get over this, they can get them in bookstores off-the-rack, or they can order online. Of course, much concern must be put to making sure that these recordings are done by professional hypnotherapists.

If the problem you wish to resolve has deep-seated origins and difficult to break into through self-help hypnosis, do not persist; even tapes might not work. If it is something very serious and life-threatening, seek the professional help of a trained hypnotherapist.

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