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Brainwave stimulation, or brainwave entrainment, is hardly a new concept in the industry of self-help and personal development. But it was quite a challenge to find the best tool that professionals can use to facilitate in the dealings with their own clients or broaden existing research on psychological health. Until about a couple of years ago, that is.

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The Mind WorkStation, one of the many helpful products brought to us by the Transparent Corporation, is a comprehensive brainwave entrainment program designed especially for professionals to help extend their research, development, and therapy of clients. To date, it’s considered as the most powerful personal development tool used by a wide range of professionals – from program developers, researchers, therapists, and neurofeedback practioners to sheer enthusiasts who are fascinated by brain stimulation and its many positive effects on people’s lives. Before we continue with the Mind WorkStation review, let us first take a quick look at the group of people responsible for this revolutionary program.

Transparent Corp, the same international group of individuals who gave us ingenious self improvement products like Mind Stereo, Thought Sounds, Beyond Being, and the best-selling Neuro Programmer, are not only the finest in their field, but they are also passionate believers of mind technology. They aim to continuously develop each of their products while simultaneously solving mundane to severe human problems to enhance man’s productivity and improve their way of life. Furthermore, they always have their clients’ best interest at heart, so they try to make everything as accessible and affordable as possible.

The Mind WorkStation encapsulates a seemingly perfect process of both audio and visual stimulation of the brain. It can even stimulate each individual cerebral hemisphere to really zero in on specific problem areas and generate harmonic box or dissociative sessions.

If you’re in the field of mental health, psychological therapy, or even hypnosis, then this personal development software is just the thing for you. How will it benefit you as a professional and as a person? These are just some of the major features of Mind WorkStation that makes it an exceptionally unique and effective tool for mental, and ultimately emotional, physical, and spiritual development:

Notable brainwave entrainment features. Mind WorkStation only makes use of highly developed tones (e.g. Harmonic Box X, isochronic tones, binaural beats), sound filtering, AudioStrobe, screen flashing patterns, brain stimulation, biofeedback stimulation, real time frequency control, and EEG devices.

Massive content and customizable elements. You can use limitless audio files and playlists anywhere during the sessions, apply various effects like shuffling and crossfading, implement white noise, experience unique ambient environments, utilize piano controls, and even export audio files without sacrificing quality and effectiveness of the signals transmitted.

Supreme biofeedback features. The Mind WorkStation enables you to use a variety of supplemental devices and softwares, such as BioExplorer, BioGraph, BioEra, LightStone, BioScan, ThoughtStream, GSR2, and emWave, to maximize each and every session. It also allows you to use graphs of gathered data and other tools in further research

Other noteworthy product advantages include the following: innovative filters and special effects targeted specifically for brain entrainment; impressive screen flashing, visualization, color presentations, and other screen displays; extreme user flexibility and programmability; a comprehensive manual that contains helpful tips and important information that will ensure a superbly positive experience for you and your clients; and other customizable aspects that are completely unique to the Mind WorkStation.

Therapists and Hypnotherapists will surely get a kick out of this exceedingly brilliant software program. The Mind WorkStation contains virtually every useful therapeutic tool to create conducive environments for your clients. In addition, you can make use of numerous sessions parallel to that of actual clinical methodologies to handle every possible debilitating issue such as stress, decrease in productivity, lack of motivation, and even learning disabilities.

To learn more about how you can personally benefit from the Mind WorkStation, or to brush up on various related subjects like biofeedback, EEG stimulation, and neurofeedback, check out the official Transparent Corp page today.

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