You Can Quit Smoking by Hypnosis

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Should I Go to a Hypnotherapist to Quit Smoking?

There are so many options for smokers who want to quit. There is the nicotine patch, nicotine gum and many other helpful quit smoking aids. By choosing to use quit smoking hypnosis you have a greater chance of quitting successfully because the success rates are possibly double that of the patch or gum. You may also use hypnosis together with other stop smoking programs which is an added advantage that will give you even better results.

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There are a couple of ways to use quit smoking hypnosis:

You can do self-hypnosis which involves using techniques to relax yourself, and guide yourself through the images that can help you quit smoking. This method can take time and practice to master.

You could also consult a hypnotherapist who has specific training and expertise to help you relax and guide you through images and words that may help you quit. Some hypnotherapists will see you for one-session, while others may suggest multiple sessions to ensure continued success. A hypnotherapist may be useful in the beginning because you will learn about various images and words to focus on when you do self-hypnosis at home.

A third option is to listen to a recorded program by a professional that will guide you and help you to quit smoking. These recorded programs are often less expensive than visiting a hypnotist in person, and you can work through these programs at your own convenience.

There are many programs and resources available on the internet that offer methods to quit smoking by hypnosis. There you can find downloadable programs to get you started.

Can Hypnosis really Help me Quit Smoking?

Studies have shown that using hypnosis to quit smoking works in a high percentage of cases – as high as 66%. Hypnosis aids mainly in reducing stress which is often one of the main reasons smokers smoke in the first place. Hypnosis has two main benefits. It reduces stress and helps teach you techniques for controlling your stress. It is also effect in changing your attitudes, beliefs, and associations towards smoking, which will aid in the elimination of the habit.

Before you begin to use quit smoking hypnosis, you should think about what you hope you achieve, write out a plan, express your goals to yourself in various ways, think of the reasons you smoke in the first place and how you can change your lifestyle so that the urge to light up will be decreased. You should to do as much as you can to figure out what causes you to smoke, the downfalls of it and how much better you will feel when you are smoke free.

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