Why Hypnosis Works

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People have always been skeptical of hypnotism because of the extraordinary things that can be done when hypnosis works. Hypnosis works perfectly if it is performed by someone who has had training in the process and if the person who is being hypnotized is willing and motivated. To understand how hypnosis works you must first understand what hypnosis is and the process of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of total relaxation a person enters where they are more susceptible to suggestions. These suggestions are directed towards your subconscious mind so they are more likely to take a hold in your daily behavior.

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The first step and most important step in the process of hypnosis is the preparation. The preparation process is the longest and most involved of all the steps. A person cannot enter a state of hypnosis without this process and this is why most people doubt that hypnosis works. Generally you can expect to spend fifteen minutes to one half hour during the preparation stage. You need to ensure motivated to be hypnotized, relaxed, and are concentrating or else you will be wasting your time. To begin preparations you will need to sit in a comfortable upright position with your eyes closed. You should remain like this for several minutes until you have cleared your mind of all your thoughts and concerns. After you have cleared your mind begin relaxing each part of your body one at a time starting with your toes.

After you have reached your relaxed state your mind will be opened to suggestions. Once you have reached this state you or another person will be able to communicate directly with your subconscious mind. This will allow the changes that are made to remain in place throughout your day to day life. It is often easier to make these changes by using an outside source like a hypnosis cd. Some of the most common suggestions include self improvement, health, relationships, overcoming phobias or fears and becoming a more productive and creative thinker.

In order to make hypnosis work the individual needs to be in the proper state of mind. You should be motivated about being hypnotized and very relaxed for the process to work correctly. During the process of hypnosis you will be using your imagination a majority of the time and you will be very susceptible to suggestions. You will also need to concentrate on what the hypnotist is saying to you to in order to make the right changes.

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