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There are people who veer away from the traditional medical way of solving their physical ailments for one reason or another. They prefer alternative solutions rather than go under the needle — and next to herbal medication, hypnosis treatment is an option they are considering.

Hypnosis treatment caters to the belief that it is “mind over matter.” It argues that the brain is on top of our head above everything else in our body because the brain controls how we feel. Nerve cells scattered all over our body system transport sensations to our brain and our brain feeds back reaction options based on the set of prejudices we have learned since we were conceived in our mothers’ womb. Then, our glands and other “slave” organs respond to these set of “instructions” sent out by the brain. It is really a neat symbiotic arrangement all working together as a team for the preservation of a person’s total wellness.

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Our body system is equipped with natural reactions to physical pain. It can shut out light or any sharp objects that could blind or harm our retina by signaling our eyelids to blink, for example. It controls our motor abilities and capabilities. Along that line of thought, proponents of hypnosis treatment believe that certain predefined conditions in our environment, coupled with the way our parents have brought us up with their own set of prejudices, have “spoiled” our reactions to stimuli in the process, barring our brain to really take charge and, thereby, limiting our body’s responses to stimuli.

These specialists in hypnosis treatment declare that the brain is the master, but it is not unwieldy; on the contrary, it is very open to suggestion. It is capable of shutting out physical sensations at will. If the brain can do that, it can do many other things. The brain is capable of powers yet untapped.

Hypnotherapy can reopen these dormant channels and heal any physical injury or medical condition that need to be healed and/or corrected by the mere power of suggestion under strict supervision of a qualified, licensed and expert hypnotherapist. Emphasis is put on the phrase “qualified and licensed” when describing the hypnotherapist who will conduct the hypnosis treatment; it is very important that a person entrusts his healing to one who has studied the methods of hypnology and has that implied Hippocratic oath guided by a set of ethical codes. There is a serious need to dispel the scares created by the hollywoodish stories on this subject of hypnosis treatment; in these stories, the hypnotist takes total control and the patient becomes something that he is not and it becomes impossible to reverse the suggestion and the patient suffers from a total psychological chaos.

It is for this reason that the professionalism in the conduct of hypnosis is now a major concern and the patients now are wary and would be well-advised to choose his hypnotherapist to handle his case with particular care. At the very least, in the hands of a non-expert hypnotherapist, the patient might not get cured.

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