Health Hypnosis – A Positive Use of the Mind

Always wanted to break away from your bad habits? Ever considered the benefits of health hypnosis?

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Health hypnosis is a powerful method of healing that can be used to break away from the bad habits and get back to that straight-and-narrow path to total wellness without as much of the pain and effort that it required before the hypnosis.

Next to holistic medicine (made popular by its very concept of dealing with the whole body’s integrated system, as opposed to the practice of traditional medicine that deals with each part of the body as a separate case), health hypnosis is now an accepted and much-sought-after alternative to traditional medicine.

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Those who do not know any better spread untoward fears from misunderstanding of the use of hypnosis in psyching one back to health. As a result, people regard hypnosis as a myth shrouded with mystery and, as a natural reaction, these people shy away from these things that they do not understand.

There is no mystery in hypnosis. The past years, studies have been conducted and continue to be conducted with regard to the utilization of hypnosis to promote good health attitude in people. By the power of suggestion, it purports to be able to make will power stronger and uninhibited.

There are many ways to make the mind totally relax, open and receptive to subtle or overt suggestions. A monotonous vocal quality of the voice verbalizing the subliminal suggestions could do it; a regular-beat rhythm to which the subject sways and/or dances could be hypnotic, too, and the subject could drop all conscious defenses and open up to verbal suggestions; reciting or chanting incantations could also make one susceptible to suggestions. It is during this state — that is neither asleep nor awake — that a person could be vulnerable to suggestions to will himself or herself back to health, to turn his back to bad habits, e.g., smoking, abusive use of drugs, habitual drinking of liquor — and adopt healthier habits like exercising some more, eating more fish and vegetables than meat, drink non-alcoholic beverages or not take drugs abusively and beyond the prescribed dosage.

Some people who have been subjected to this type of health hypnosis sessions attest that they did not feel any discomfort during the session, and that they were awake all the time, and they are “convinced” — not hypnotized — into replacing their bad habits with good ones, and they are gradually but definitely nursed back to good health. Reading these testimonials is very inspiring.

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