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Delta Brain Waves – Holosync Uses Science To Affect Brain Wave Patterns

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One thing you might be wondering about is the usage of Delta brain waves. Holosync soundtracks – especially the later sets – can result in you having more Delta brain wave activity. The result of this is a state of deep meditation, after all, Delta brain waves are the brain waves that are associated with being asleep. First, Holosync uses different tones to increase the amount of Delta brain waves in your brain, and then these brain waves will give you all the benefits that you are now expecting from Holosync.

There are four different brain states, and only one of these brain states uses Delta brain waves. Holosync is designed so that its soundtracks will cause you to descend through the different brain states all the way to the point where you’re in a very deep meditative state, instead of wide awake, as you were when you initially started listening to the soundtrack.

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Delta brain waves are the slowest brain waves in the brain. Unlike beta, theta and alpha brain waves, they’re associated with deep dreamless sleep and deep trances. While that might not sound too exciting, you should consider that there are also many great benefits that you can gain through utilizing Delta brain waves. Holosync, for instance, can bring you down to this level easily, at which point you will have access to your own subconscious as well as the collective unconscious.

However, you might ask, how do you go around causing Delta brain waves? Holosync uses new and useful technology that utilizes the concept of binaural beats, which were initially discovered in the 1970’s. These binaural beats essentially occur when you listen to slightly different tones in each of your ears. Why? The sound waves that your brain processes end up combining to cause one very slow auditory wave. This wave is the same speed as some brain waves. As a result, binaural beats cause an increase in certain brain waves.

Very slow binaural beats can correspond with frequency of Delta brain waves. Holosync uses that theory, and plays sounds in your ears that are different by only a minor amount. The result is that your brain will put the two sounds together, which results in the creation of Delta brain waves. Holosync uses this technology because it has been shown in clinical studies to increase the amount of beneficial hormones in your body.

Well, you might ask, what’s different about these Delta brain waves? Holosync uses these Delta brain waves as an alternative to traditional meditation. They’re both easier to achieve and minor distractions will not prevent you from getting the full benefits. After all, in order to meditate in the traditional way, you first need to be able to keep your mind clear for a very long period of time in order to get the benefits of the meditation – and it often requires years of training to get it right.

Finally, Holosync is different from other relaxation soundtracks due to the intent of these soundtracks. Unlike most other companies that are only making soundtracks in order to induce dreams or other similar experiences, Centerpointe is only trying to improve your quality of life by giving you a soundtrack that will cause beneficial changes to occur in your mind.

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